'RockFall', a 3D-animated, wishful-fantasy, 'science-fiction' epic designed by my partner and myself, and scripted to run for approximately six minutes. Intended as an audio-visual experience, the movie's soundtrack, past a dramatized introductory preamble, will consist of a production of our original song, 'Only A Band Of Sky', a demo of which is available here...

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This later line-up of Amusikaido were Stef Coburn (vocals, lead guitar), Eddy Deegan (keyboard), Cha Ahpornsiri (bass) and Alison Garnham (drums)

One of the artistic choices for 'RockFall' has been the visual allegory of presenting our principal vehicles as resembling diverse oceanic lifeforms. Pictured here: is our 'Turtle' Assault Carrier Vessel.


This is huge - about 666 metres, has thousands of beings living very comfortably on-board and a music-festival happening on the back!

This picture shows 'Seal Diver' (length approx 150 metres) 'dropship' group descending from 'Turtle' launch tubes.SealDiver drop group

'Seal Divers' and 'Ray Cruisers' inside the turtle hanger-bay.

Humanoid figures depicted are a very early basic low-res prototype.

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