I have been involved in many things including electronics engineering, supervising at a youth-club, making dragons, carving knots, working with people with special needs, learning difficulties and mental health difficulties, 3D modelling, texturing and animation.

Here is a model I made in 'Fimo' of the Lambton Worm, from a legend said to have taken place in County Durham.

Lambert Worm

I turned this bowl from cherry wood and carved the Celtic knot into the rim.
Celtic Knot bowl

I made this casserole dish and decorated it with cast copies of the unity-symbol-inspired Celtic knot that came into my mind: ...Now also on a mug modelled in Blender 3D:

Al's Celtic knot dishAl's Celtic knot mug

My love of interactive computer animation was revived a few years ago; firstly by the need for educational interactive games for adults with learning difficulties. So I learned Flash animation and made a few games and planned bigger projects... which I may continue with one day...

Up until recently I ran groups at a day-centre for vulnerable adults. Subjects have included music, computing, astronomy, photography, audio and video recording and production.

At present I am working part-time with vulnerable adults. Also working on my 3d projects using Blender and doing freelance work in 3D modelling and illustration.

I've been working on a new animation, called 'A Fish's Tale'

Our ever-expanding 3D sci-fi project is currently on hold. See more at 'Rockfall'

And see Stef's flying vehicle 'OctoCar'