Welcome to Anim-Al.org website!

Here you can see our personal 3D projects; made in Blender 3D, with textures made in Gimp. Many of the people were initially made in Make Human, then edited.

My new project is about a girl who shrinks down to the size of a bee and will have some adventures.
The bee was modelled and rigged by Quinten Pillen on Blender Market. The bush shown here (click on the image) was modelled by Andrew Price of BlenderGuru from whom I have learned lots about Blender 3D.
Here's a link to a clip of animation.

Ali Garden F550

"Galaxy Girl" in the hall of dragons.
Here's a link to that project.

Galaxy Girl

I've made some progress with our project 'Rockfall', an intended seven minute science-fiction themed animated wish-fulfilment fantasy. You can find out more about it here:

Link to 'Rockfall' project

Here's a picture of a cave I made while following a tutorial by Andrew Price of BlenderGuru.

crystal cave