Happy New Year to you!

I've made a little animation to say this in glitter.

2017! We're still hooked on making everything in Blender 3D. Textures made in Gimp.

I've been working on our project called 'A Fish's Tale'. It's about a school of fish who, one day, experience something they thought only happened in stories or myths. The scene starts with a turtle and a jellyfish, as seen in the prologue.

Our project 'Rockfall', an intended seven minute science-fiction themed animated wish-fulfilment fantasy, has become rather enourmous, so work on that is currently paused.

See the latest pictures from 'A Fish's Tale' by following the link from the jellyfish:

Pictures of the ships in 'Rockfall' can be seen by following the link from the turtle-ship:

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And here's what I did before I discovered Blender 3D:
'Al's 3D crafts'



Turtle-ship link to 'Rockfall'