Welcome to Anim-Al.org website!

Here you can see our personal 3D projects; made in Blender 3D, with textures made in Gimp.

So far this year, we've been distracted from working on our main projects by my determination to animate a dancer. Not an easy thing to do in Blender but I think I've cracked it!
Here's a link to the 'Galaxy Girl' project.

Galaxy Girl

Our project 'Rockfall', an intended seven minute science-fiction themed animated wish-fulfilment fantasy, has become rather enormous, so work on that is currently paused.

Pictures of the ships in 'Rockfall' can be seen by following the link from the turtle-ship:

Turtle-ship link to 'Rockfall'

Soon, we'll return to working on our project 'A Fish's Tale'.
Towards the end of last year, Stef's did a fine job modelling the trawler and many objects on it. I've added some fishermen and many textures. Click on this recent render of the trawler to see more on this project.

Turtle-ship link to 'Rockfall'

See the prologue to 'A Fish's Tale' by following the link from the jellyfish: