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This is where you can see our personal 3D projects; made in Blender 3D, with many textures made in Gimp and Flash.

We've been pretty obsessed with modelling the city for our sci-fi project, 'Rockfall', and have recently got it to a stage where we can at last show off some pictures of it. More than that, we have added the first RayCruiser to the scene where it swoops down over the city park to deactivate the weapons and beam-up people!

'RockFall' is an intended seven minute science-fiction themed animated wish-fulfilment fantasy.

You can see the ships in order of appearance by following the link from the turtle-ship:

or you can jump straight to the page with pictures of the RayCruiser over the city:

or you can have a look at all of our 3d projects by going straight to our 3d projects page.

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Turtle-ship link to 'Rockfall'

Ray Cruiser link to the city